The Nature of God and Jesus Christ
God is our Father who loves us: an absolute power who is incorruptible. Jesus Christ is His Son and our Lord and Teacher.

The Nature of Man
Sin and mortality are the natural lot of mankind. In Christ, God offers us the way to overcome our nature.

The Source of Evil
Evil in the Bible is not the evil you see in movies or read about in novels; and Bible teaching about the source of evil may prove surprising...

Who Is the Devil?
The great enemy of God and His people is very close to each of us.

Who Is the Satan in the Book of Job?
Satan is always an opponent of God's people, even if - like Job - we might think he's our friend.

Is the Devil a Scriptural Character?
A simple investigation of how scriptural ideas hold together, and how the Devil does not stand up to the test.

What Are Demons?
An extensive review of the scriptures dealing with demons. Conclusion and comfort: every ill of man is cast out by the presence of Jesus Christ.

The Saving Work of Christ
The true meaning of the Cross, and why we all must take it up and follow Christ.